Your supplier or grocery store does not sell what you need?
Let someone grow it for you.

With you can increase your food diversity

The first contract farming service in Georgia

Private individuals, food processors, gastronomy and retailers who require a specific agricultural product in a certain quality and quantity use to let an appropriate farmer generate and provide it to them.

Because no additional distributors are involved, our contract farming model is financially more attractive both for buyers and farmers.

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What is Contract Farming?

Contract farming is agricultural production carried out according to an agreement. The farmer agrees to provide established quantities of a specific agricultural product, meeting the quality standards and delivery schedule set by the purchaser. In turn, the buyer commits to purchase the product, at a predetermined price. Contract farming is used for a wide variety of agricultural products and creates a win-win situation for buyer and farmer. makes contract farming easy and reliable for everyone.

How does it work?


Contact us to request production of a specified amount and quality of a certain agricultural product.

Pick an option

We present different options and you choose based on price and other factors.

Place your order

Buyer, farmer and enter an agreement which defines all important aspects:

  1. What the farmer is obliged to produce, 

  2. the delivery schedule, 

  3. the compensation for it, 

  4. the type of production support and guarantees will contribute.

Production & Delivery

Production and delivery of the agricultural product.
During production, monitors and supports the farmer while the buyer pays for production inputs. Upon delivery, the farmer's work is being reimbursed.

Harvesting Crop Field
A win-win situation for buyer and farmers

Benefits for farmers contract farming increases farmer income and reduces income seasonality. It’s very convenient when you know that what you sow is already sold and partly paid for.

  • Get paid more for your products, because works without distributors and retailers so you can earn more while buyers still save money

  • is the risk-free way to improve technology, get certified, try new crops, expand your business

  • With contract farming you need less loans and you will receive better terms can also support you with know-how and production inputs while you grow crops for your and our customers.

Growing Plants

Benefits for buyers

As a buyer of agricultural products with you can benefit from lower prices and the ability to determine the product, its quality and the amount as preferred. This makes long-term planning easier and provides almost limitless choices of products to choose from.


Restaurants and food processors use to increase their competitiveness with better but cheaper ingredient quality and to extend their choice of exclusive ingredients.


On a society level, contract farming improves availability of healthy food, increases biodiversity and reduces food waste and overproduction.

Tractor at Work

Benefits for Export

We as well serve foreign buyers, who want to import Georgian products with:

  • better pricing

  • satisfactory calibration and quality

  • improved market access and product choices

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