Die Mauer der Ideen

About Us

We are a group of Georgian and German entrepreneurs with diverse business backgrounds. We have established Grow4me.net for two reasons:

  1. We are not satisfied with the choices of agricultural products in terms of varieties, quality and quantity.

  2. We are not happy with the development of Georgian agriculture. Especially small and medium size agriculture enterprises have severe disadvantages and struggle with the seasonality of their income. Often they have to take loans in spring to finance the start of the season.

We decided to do our best to change both. That's why Grow4me.net is designed to improve the situation of farmers and increase the availability of high quality healthy food.

With Grow4me.net you can build your own food supply chain while farmers gain improved market access and more financial freedom.

Our vision is that we stop blaming others for what we think is going wrong and instead everyone acknowledges their responsibility and liability and make their decisions accordingly, to create a better future for everyone.